Prayer Requests


For the children of Rancho San Juan Bosco

Please pray for the personal lives of the children at Rancho San Juan Bosco. Many of them come from abusive families or have parents with addictions. Pray for peace in their lives.

For the graduating students

Please pray for those students whom we directly support. Most of them are no longer allowed to stay at the orphanage once they reach age 18, and face difficult lives ahead of them. Pray that they will find happiness and success in their futures.

For the directors and staff

Pray for Misael and Yolanda, who act as mentors, parents, and couselors for the children at Rancho San Juan Bosco. Pray that they and the other staff at the Youth Home will remain in good health.

For our organization

Please pray for the success of the Don Bosco Project, and that everything will run smoothly. Pray that we will achieve our goals and change many lives for the better.

For our trip to Tecate

At the end of June, we will be visiting Rancho San Juan Bosco to present our project to the students there. Please pray that we will have safe travels and that logistics will be carried out smoothly.