Frequently Asked Questions

How will funding be divided amongst students?

For each school year, the contributions we receive will be given in the form of scholarship grants according to the needs of each student.

How many students are being funded this year?

For this year, we are funding four students. Two are graduating seniors, two are already in college.

What will donations be used for?

100% of contributions will be used to further the education of the graduating classes from Rancho San Juan Bosco. Money will be used to first cover tuitions, then other college expenses as necessary. Any donations that are not used towards this year's graduates will be put towards next year.

Are you a religious organization?

Our organization was founded on Christian principles. However, our mission is entirely to support the students at Rancho San Juan Bosco, and any contributions to our cause will not be used to directly support any religion.

How do you determine who receives a scholarship?

The Don Bosco Project provides scholarships on the basis of need. It does not select students to receive scholarships on the basis of merit or athletics. All students who are accepted into the college they wish to attend will receive funding from the Don Bosco Project.

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