COVID-19 at Rancho San Juan Bosco

Translated Message from Orphanage Director

Translated Message from Orphanage Director

Translated Message from Orphanage Director

"The government has determined that from March 18 to April 20, all students will not be attending school and must remain in their homes, from preschool through university. Because of this, everyone is staying here in the orphanage, and during this period of time we cannot receive anyone coming from outside the city, or go anywhere with more than ten people. All this has made it so that the amount of food that we regularly receive is decreasing by a lot. Many of the kids are having coughs, colds, and fevers, but we have them under control. We are taking advantage of this time to improve the spiritual and academic areas with the help of our children. We are confident in the love and care of God, even more so in these circumstances. Thank you for thinking of and supporting the lives of these children, and greetings to all of you.

In Christ,

Rancho San Juan Bosco

Misael Morelos"

Our Plan

Translated Message from Orphanage Director

Translated Message from Orphanage Director

After much discussion, our Board of Directors has decided to take action to support the orphanage throughout this time. However, due to legal restrictions, we are unable to use previously raised funds towards assisting the orphanage in obtaining the supplies they need. Hence, we have begun a new fundraising campaign via our Facebook page to which all donations will be used to purchase the necessities the orphanage requires. Any funds that are left over will be moved to our general scholarship fund.

Below is a link to our Facebook post. We hope you will consider making a contribution. Please share it if you can, as the more support we receive, the more we can assist the orphanage. Alternatively, if you prefer not to donate through Facebook, you can donate on our website, being sure to specify in the donation notes that your contribution is meant to address the COVID-19 situation.

Feel free to send us an email at with any questions you may have, and we will do our best to address them. We are continuously keeping in touch with the orphanage and will provide further updates on our Facebook page.

Donate to Our Facebook Fundraiser

Please click the button below to be redirected to our Facebook page. From there you will be able to read more about our fundraiser as well as contribute directly to the fund.

Contribute to Our Amazon Wish List

To assist in the delivery of daily necessities for the orphanage, we created an Amazon Wish List through Amazon Mexico. If you wish to contribute to this list, please keep in mind:

- We are using Amazon Mexico, since Amazon cannot deliver items to Mexico from the USA.
- We have provided some translations in the list description and in the item details as necessary, since everything is in Spanish by default. Let us know if you need anything else translated.
- All items purchased will be delivered directly to the orphanage.
- Some items must be purchased in sets of 2 or more
- All prices are in Mexican Pesos, not USD (conversion is about 24 MXN to 1 USD)
- Contributions, unfortunately, are not tax-deductible, since all transactions are made through Amazon and not the Don Bosco Project.
- You can use your regular Amazon login information to access your account.
- Prices will change, and while we will try our best to keep the price conversions accurate, please verify before making the purchase. We may not be able to refund purchases since all transactions are made through Amazon Mexico.

We will provide regular updates about this list on our Facebook page.